Smoke Camp Crafts


Workshops are hosted at Smoke Camp Craft's urban and indoor garden where fresh herb plants and dried herbs are always available for sale or trade.  Smoke Camp Crafts is located at 515 Center Avenue in Weston, WV.

Herbal Tea Making Workshop

Herbal Tea Making Workshop


On Thursday, July 12th from 6-8 pm, learn how to make and enjoy herbal teas at Smoke Camp Crafts' Apothecary and Learning Center.   Students will design their own herbal tea blends with the assistance of budding herbalist Kara Vaneck.   They will learn the difference between a tea, a tisane and an infusion and how to use them to nourish and restore the body to health. They will also blend teas from provided recipes and enjoy tasting several of Smoke Camp Crafts' products.

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